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Are managed services right for me?

managed services right

If you have reached this point, you should have a good understanding of the it services provided and start to see how much they can help you with your technology needs.

We want to help you make sure you know which option is right for you, though, by telling you who is and isn’t a good candidate for managed it services.

We know that not all of these categories cover every potential customer, but by making some generalizations, we hope to help strengthen your decision to find customized services.

They are good competitors for managed it services

There are many use cases for managed services, but in the 10-plus years we’ve been an msp, we’ve seen a few trends.

The businesses that depend on managed it services include:

#1: small and medium businesses

As we mentioned earlier, managed it service providers are designed for businesses with a range from 10 to 100 users.

Leaders in businesses within this size range often wear many hats, and sometimes that includes technology.

This can work for some time, however as corporations grow and have extra complex it needs, it becomes less and much less secure to have someone who is not nicely trained and targeted on it handling this place of ​​your business.

However, at this size, it may not be in the budget to start an it department.

Thankfully, there are msps for these businesses to work with and provide their it management to.

#2: large organizations with some users

The limit is placed on contracts for services related to users, not employees.

If your business uses more than 100 users, but not all of them need access to a computer, you are still good for managed services.

This can be especially useful for businesses that don’t have enough office staff to support an internal it department, but still need someone to monitor their it environment for threats and be available when a problem arises.

Some of the businesses we often see in this category are travel companies, design projects, and construction businesses.

#3: organizations with industry standards

By serving multiple clients, including those in the same industry, msps develop knowledge of programs and policies specific to different industries.

This back-tested experience makes managed services a good match for any business with strict industry standards they must adhere to. Your msp has likely had experience with a client governed by the same law before, so they know what to do to stay compliant.

Highly skilled engineers are hard enough for organizations to come by, but if you add in other requirements, you’re looking for even a small needle in the haystack.

Some examples of organizations that fit this category are schools, health care organizations, and financial institutions.

Poor competitors for managed it services

While we want it services management to serve every business, that is not true. There are some businesses who find that managed it services just don’t work for them.

Some qualities shared by potential candidates include:

#1: large or very small businesses

The number of users can make you a good candidate, and it can also make you a poor candidate.

Only msps have the resources to devote so much time and support to each customer. The bigger your business, the more it problems you will generate and the more support you will need.

This is one of the reasons why there is a user block on managed service clients. Additionally, once you have more than 100 users, your business is large enough to support and benefit from an internal it department.

#2: businesses that don’t want to upgrade hardware

Some businesses just don’t value it. Whether it’s because you don’t trust it that much (although we’d argue that) or think that investing in technology can wait forever, upgrades may not be on your radar or included in your budget.

However, your msp wants you to have a plan in place to upgrade end-of-life hardware and software. This allows them to perform their duties effectively.

Often, problems within your it environment can be tied to these outdated systems.

#3: businesses with very small it footprints

Technology is pervasive in businesses. Whether it’s communicating with customers over email, keeping digital work records, or strategic plans for your business, technology is essential in your daily operations.

However, each business’s reliance on technology is different, and sometimes it may be so small that it doesn’t require managed it services toronto.

This can happen to new businesses that are still building their it infrastructure or businesses that are more physically active and only need a few skill points for planning, emailing, and record keeping.

How much does managed it services cost?

Now that we’ve explained how your msp will charge, let’s talk about what they will charge.

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