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Best companies in Review Site in The World

Review Site

Businesses can get reviews by asking satisfied customers for feedback. They can also set up automated emails or surveys that ask customers to review their experience with a company.

US Reviews is a site that offers user-based rankings and reviews for businesses. It is geared toward service businesses and provides categories for most industries.

1. Yelp

Yelp allows registered users to share their experiences with businesses they’ve visited. They can also leave photos and a star rating. Businesses are encouraged to respond to reviews. However, the company’s terms of service forbid businesses from proactively asking customers or mailing list subscribers to review them. Yelp’s recommendation software aims to weed out reviews that have been solicited.

Many business owners worry that fake negative reviews will harm their reputation on the site. But a few things can be done to help combat this. For example, a business can add their trade license number to the badge displayed on their page. This can help build trust with consumers and bring in more searches.

2. TripAdvisor

When TripAdvisor started in 2000 – six years after Amazon and four before Yelp and Facebook – consumer reviews were considered a risky endeavour for businesses, and a losing bet. Today, it’s one of the largest travel sites in the world.

It’s a site where anyone can post a Top Reviews Site, regardless of whether they’re a customer or not. As a result, it’s home to a huge community of reviewers who engage in blatantly fake practices.

The good news is that there are a few ways you can improve your reputation on TripAdvisor and attract more online traffic. One way is to encourage reviews with a cleverly-crafted, personalised email campaign – using technology like Cloutly to create truly personalised text and video campaigns for each recipient.

3. Amazon

Amazon has a long-established reputation as one of the best review sites. Customers can post reviews on their products and services, and also on experiences they’ve had with companies. Amazon hasn’t been without controversy, though, from its monopolistic practices to complaints about working conditions at its fulfillment centers.

Other consumer business review websites include Facebook and Vault. The latter site has a paid subscription model, but offers more in-depth company research and ratings than any of its competitors.

Comparably is an employer-review site that launched in 2015. They have a great interface and provide more detailed culture and compensation information than most other employee review sites.

4. Glassdoor

Glassdoor allows current and past employees to post anonymous reviews of companies as well as salaries and interview questions. The website is often used by job seekers to research prospective employers.

Despite its usefulness, Glassdoor is not without its problems. The site has been accused of fostering toxic workplaces and being biased against women. It also allows users to dish on former colleagues under the veil of anonymity, which can create gossip and slanderous comments.

It’s also difficult for a company to control negative information about itself on Glassdoor. However, Glassdoor offers a solution by allowing companies to pay for a subscription to respond to and request reviews of their business. These features are especially helpful for smaller companies that may not have a strong presence on social media.

5. Angie’s List

Angi’s List is a company that provides local business with tools, insights and a way to connect with customers. The platform allows contractors to advertise on the site and customers can search for companies that are approved by Angi, and have good reviews.

The company was started in 1995 and provides its clients with thousands of objective reports and reviews about service companies in this or that region. Using the site, clients can find an electrician, dentist, auto mechanic, plumber or dermatologist and many other services. The company is owned by IAC and recently merged with HomeAdvisor. Nevertheless, the company still loses money. Its revenue is mainly generated by subscription fees, and advertising sales. The company also faces a number of class-action lawsuits over issues like selling fake leads and manipulating reviews.

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