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BigXthaPlug Net Worth – Height Age Real Name & Career


BigXthaPlug is a well-known rapper from Texas. He has garnered over 2 million Spotify listeners for his songs like Mr. Trouble and Safehouse.

He is a family man and talks about his son in most of his songs. However, he keeps his personal life private and is not known to be in any relationship.

Real Name

Big XthaPlug is a talented rap artist who has earned thousands of followers on social media and millions of views on streaming platforms like Spotify and YouTube. His unique timbre of voice and cadence set him apart from other artists. He has also collaborated with other popular artists such as Maxo Kream, NBA YoungBoy, and Juice WRLD.

He was born in Dallas, Texas. His family background is unknown and he has not disclosed any details about his personal life to the media. However, he has mentioned looking after his son in some of his songs.

He is a dedicated follower of Christianity. He has a large number of followers on Instagram and YouTube. His music videos have amassed more than 43 million views on the platform. He has a distinct sound that is a blend of hard-hitting beats and clever wordplay. His song “Safehouse” from his 2023 album, AMAR, has garnered over 2 million plays on Spotify.


Despite his criminal past, BigXthaPlug has made it to the top of the rap scene. He is known for his enthralling music and has a large following on social media. The rapper has also starred in several movies and television shows.

He has over 2 million followers on Spotify, and his songs are played millions of times. His hits include Safehouse and Mr. Trouble. He has worked with artists such as Maxo Kream and Xxxtentacion, and his latest album, AMAR 2023, was listed in the fourth position on the Billboards.

Big XthaPlug is an American rapper from Dallas, Texas. He is an avid traveler and loves to attend rap events. He has a son, and he is proud of his hometown. He has mentioned his son in many of his songs. He has a lavish lifestyle and is often seen partying at late night rap events. He also appears in various videos and TikTok compilations with other renowned rap artists.

Net Worth

Big X Tha Plug is an American singer and musical artist. He is known for his captivating songs and has an impressive number of followers on social media. He also has a YouTube channel where he shares his music videos.

He has a deep and booming voice, which adds gravity to the lyrics and helps him deliver them in an unhurried way. His raspy timbre and versatile flow make him unique in the rap scene. His rap style is influenced by Texas’s rich history of music and culture.

His songs such as Safehouse and Mr. Trouble have earned him over 2.2 million listeners on Spotify. He also keeps a presence on Instagram and regularly shares clips of his performances and personal life with fans.

He hasn’t revealed much about his personal life, but he does mention that he is a father. He has a son whom he refers to as Amar in his songs. Despite the struggles he has faced, Big X Tha Plug is a talented and hardworking artist.


BigXthaPlug is a talented and wealthy rapper who makes a significant amount of money. He is currently living in a lavish mansion and is enjoying the luxury lifestyle. Moreover, he has a lot of followers on social media platforms. He is a popular artist and his songs are charting high in the top charts of various music platforms.

He is currently single and maintains a level of privacy when it comes to his personal life. However, he has talked about raising his son in some of his songs.

He is an upcoming American rapper with a unique voice and malleable flow. He has gained a significant following over the past few years with his raps. He is a talented and passionate artist who is ready to leave his mark on the music industry. He is also a criminal who has spent time in jail for aggravated robbery and burglary. He is still trying to redeem himself through his music.

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