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Rapper SNOT Net Worth – Height & Career Info

Rapper SNOT

Rapper SNOT, The emerging hip-hop recording artist and Soundcloud rapper rose to fame in 2018 for his viral single GOSHA, which received over a million plays on YouTube within its first month. The teen musician is also an accomplished live performer.

He has kept his personal life away from the limelight, and is likely to be single at present. The lack of information regarding his relationship status on social media supports this view.


Rapper SNOT has a career in both music and TV. He has starred in various shows on Afrikaans channels. However, his major source of income is from his musical career. He has released a number of albums and is known for his energetic stage performances.

Edy Junior Edouard is an American harmonic rapper and songwriter who goes by the name of SNOT. He started his career in rapping at the age of seven through SoundCloud and rose to fame after his viral song GOSHA in 2018. He is now signed under 300 Entertainment and has released two critically acclaimed albums titled Tragedy and Beautiful Havoc.

The young star is active on social media and shares his work to his more than 100k followers. However, he hasn’t shared much about his love life to date. Despite this, it is believed that the rapper is single at present. His cryptic posts on Instagram also support this assumption.

Net Worth

SNOT is one of the rising stars in hip-hop with a bright future ahead of him. The young rapper is signed to 300 Entertainment and has already garnered a large fan base. He has also collaborated with the likes of Lil Skies and Internet Money. His latest single, “Whipski,” features production from Taz Taylor, Cxdy, and Nash. The Omar Jones-directed visual also showcases SNOT’s inner struggle as he fights demons that threaten his existence.

Currently, SNOT’s net worth is around $1.5 million. He has earned a lot of his income through his music career and has also invested in properties.

The American rapper has not shared any details about his love life on his social media accounts so far. This makes it hard to speculate about his current relationship status. Due to this lack of information, it is safe to say that the young rapper might be single at present. Moreover, the rapper’s cryptic nature regarding his private life further implies that he might be concealing his romance from the public.


Edy Junior Edouard, better known by his stage name SNOT, is an American rapper who has quickly become one of the most exciting and loved young talents in hip-hop. Currently, the artist is signed to 300 Entertainment and has amassed a substantial fortune from his music career so far.

He rose to prominence after releasing the song Gosha in September 2018 and is a rising star amongst Gen-Z’s newcomers. SNOT’s songs have gotten millions of plays on the major streaming platforms like Spotify and YouTube.

Despite his popularity, the talented rapper is yet to share much about his personal life with the fans. The absence of any posts with a female partner on his Instagram account indicates that he is single at the moment. His cryptic approach towards the subject may also be due to him hiding something from the public. However, there are speculations that the young rapper is gay. The rapper is currently active on social media and continues to release songs with his massive fan group.


Edy Junior Edouard, who is better known as the rapper SNOT has earned quite a fortune through his music career. He began his career in rapping through SoundCloud in 2016. He has since released two albums namely Tragedy and Beautiful Havoc. He has also been working on his third album named Thereal.

The singer has been a great inspiration to his fans. He has a large following on social media platforms such as Instagram. He also has a YouTube channel where he uploads his recent songs and music videos.

He has not shared much about his love life on his online accounts and has no current girlfriend. This may be because he prefers to keep his personal life away from the public. However, he is an extremely active user of TikTok and has been making good use of it to expand his followership. He often posts pictures of himself hanging out with his friends and family.

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